How to write an introduction letter on a dating site

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4,000 BCE Textiles made of hemp are used in China and Turkestan.(Science of Charms) as "Sacred Grass", one of the five sacred plants of India.

Use of hemp products spread throughout northern Europe.Attached to one tent stick was a decorated leather pouch containing wild Cannabis seeds.This closely matches the stories told by Herodotus.700-300 BCE Scythian tribes leave Cannabis seeds as offerings in royal tombs.500 BCE Scythian couple die and are buried with two small tents covering containers for burning incense.Chinese surgeon Hua T'o uses marijuana as an anesthetic. 900-1000 Scholars debate the pros and cons of eating hashish. 1090-1124 In Khorasan, Persia, Hasan ibn al-Sabbah, recruits followers to commit assassinations...legends develop around their supposed use of hashish. Early 12th Century Hashish smoking becomes very popular throughout the Middle East.

300 A young woman in Jerusalem receives medical marijuana during childbirth. These legends are some of the earliest written tales of the discovery of the inebriating powers of Cannabis and the use of Hashish by a paramilitary organization as a hypnotic (see U. 1155-1221 Persian legend of the Sufi master Sheik Haydar's personal discovery of Cannabis and his own alleged invention of hashish with it's subsequent spread to Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria.

430 BCE Herodotus reports on both ritual and recreation use of Cannabis by the Scythians (Herodotus 100 Imported hemp rope appears in England.

105 Legend suggests that Ts'ai Lun invents hemp paper in China, 200 years after its actual appearance (see 100 BCE above).

1300 Ethiopian pipes containing marijuana suggest the herb has spread from Egypt to the rest of Africa.

1378 Ottoman Emir Soudoun Scheikhouni issues one of the first edicts against the eating of hashish.

130-200 Greek physician Galen prescribes medical marijuana.