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“We too often create a false dichotomy by considering higher education as liberal education or job training when the answer is not either/or, but both/and,” says Robert E.

“This consolidation offers the opportunity for students to access what they need, and when and where they need it,” says Conor Smyth, director of strategic advancement with Wisconsin Technical College System.

This new feature will allow users to collectively contribute to one Story for an event (like a birthday party or festival), with submissions moderated by the event’s notes some smaller changes that are coming along with everything else, including new privacy settings for Stories that will let you restrict who is able to see what you post, and the launch of Facebook Stories for its stripped-down app, Facebook Lite, popular in countries like India, Mexico, and the Philippines.

These changes come as Facebook continues to try and figure out how to get people to adopt using Facebook Stories as part of their regular social media use.

Voters rejected referendums for consolidation in the past.

The idea surfaced again in May during a brainstorming session when a delegation of business and government leaders visited Nashville, Tennessee, on an inter-city trip sponsored by the Chamber.

Now, Facebook Stories will be synced across both platforms, although camera filters will still remain separate.

Along with this change, Facebook is also killing private ephemeral messaging feature Direct.

Going forward, all replies to Stories as well as Facebook Camera messages will be directed through Messenger.

While Facebook is streamlining many facets of Stories, there is one thing it is adding: collaborative Stories for events.

The study proposal came on the same day survey results show increasing concern among residents of Tallahassee's crime crisis and the ongoing FBI probe.

Each issue on its own would be enough to spur action.

Two-year students would graduate with a degree from the University of Wisconsin system, which would eventually offer upper-level courses on satellite campuses.