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He is also making the job of the investigators, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, easier.“There’s a reason why defense lawyers tell their clients don’t comment, Zeidenberg said.


If the comedy duo Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt want to keep it, they'll have to get bidding on 4 September at The Fame Bureau with the rest of us.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called for the Russian investigation to go away, yet he appears unable to stop talking about it.

And by doing so, say legal experts, he is putting himself in jeopardy over a possible obstruction of justice charge.

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(We don’t) Trump’s latest comments came Friday when attempting to explain why he sent a tweet threatening that he had tapes of his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey.

The Ludwig black and white spiral Vistalite was used by the drummer during his time with Led Zeppelin, and is reportedly the only kit in existence outside of the Bonham estate.

The drums are drenched in history, originally given to music critic Chris Welch as a gift from John Bonham, before being acquired by Phil Harris, owner of vintage gear suppliers Harris Hire.He’s putting himself in all kinds of jeopardy for no good reason.”Yahoo!News reported earlier this month that several top law firms had rejected the opportunity to represent Trump over fears that he would refuse their advice about not making public statements.The Vistalite's current owner Phil Harris discussed his time with the kit: "It's the equivalent of John Bonham's stage kit - a 26" bass drum, a 14" rack, a 16" floor and an enormous 20" floor that's so à la Bonham it's unreal"."It's been used a lot", he added."I hired it out to the Manic Street Preachers and Robbie Williams.For Trump, the threat of obstruction of justice is impeachment and that, ultimately, will be a political decision reliant, currently at least, on a Republican House and Senate.