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Mary O’Conor I live in a small village in rural Ireland. The problem is that I have found out that her daughter who lives in America has married a woman. My friend is a very devout Catholic and campaigned very strongly against the same-sex marriage referendum in our locality.Trisha Ventker is an elementary school teacher and a photographic artist. As a former internet dater myself, I immediately connected with this book. ) Ventker is witty and hilarious and brought me back to a time I will never forget.

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When it comes to horrible first dates, they're no different than taxes or puberty: everyone hates them, but everyone's gotta get through them.If you had spent the evening online, you could have chatted to several guys and weeded out the kids in favour of more suitable matches. Our dates were full of banter and some of us are still Facebook friends even though there was no romantic spark.When you meet online, you’re drawn to people with the same interests so it’s tough to end up on a dud date. Would you respond to an email from someone without a photo?I also loved the references to New York City; I was a nanny in NYC back before internet dating, and her descriptions brought back memories! Her descriptions of some of these men (especially the British conspiracy theorist) often had me laughing so hard I almost cried.I would definitely recommend this book for anyone single, dating, married or otherwise.Sure aren't internet-dating sites the modern-day equivalent, populated by wide-eyed Mrs Havishams clutching tattered wedding scrapbooks, and men who send explicit selfies and ask, “Well? As someone who dabbled in internet dating after eight years of hedonistic, rollicking, satisfying singledom, I can confidently assert that yes, internet-dating sites are full of people like that.

But they're also full of people like me — fairly well adjusted (I'd like to think), gainfully employed, in possession of all my teeth, and capable of spelling onomatopoeia (no, I didn't have to spell check it).My mom, who was visiting from out of town, picked up this book and was constantly laughing out loud at Ventker's eloquent prose.So regardless of your marital or dating status, I highly recommend this book if you just want to be entertained. She grew up on Long Island, New York, and now resides in an apartment in New York City with her husband, Tom.What's great about this book, though, is you need not be single or an internet dater to appreciate it.If someone simply emails 'hi', they're not interested. It's easy to build a rapport with someone online only to find you don't have a spark in person.

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