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If you find that you have trouble sleeping most nights, and you’ve noticed this happening consistently over a long period of time, you might suffer from depression.One of the biggest warning signs of depression is a lack of energy, which stems from either the inability to have a sound sleep at night, or the constant feelings of hopelessness and despair that plague the mind.

Depression can seem debilitating and suffocating, but if you know the signs to look out for, you can take steps to prevent it, or at least treat the symptoms.Another common symptom of depression is either overeating, or losing interest in food altogether.Gary Kennedy, MD, director of geriatric psychiatry at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York, says, “A sudden change in weight, either gaining or losing, can be a warning of depression, especially in someone who has other symptoms of depression or a history of depression.”Both of these scenarios can lead to severe complications, so if you notice yourself either having no appetite, or eating to appease your emotions, you could be depressed.According to Web MD, 80% of adults with depression have trouble falling or staying asleep.Patients who have chronic insomnia have triple the chance of developing depression compared to those who don’t suffer from insomnia.The majority of hacks that target individuals take place due to criminals fraudulently obtaining user details.

This predominately occurs by phishing, where emails and text messages are sent to users pretending to be from official sources but in fact come from hackers.

Tesco Bank, which has 7.8 million customer accounts, says it is working with authorities and regulators to address the circumstances surrounding the security breach.

Online security experts said there was no set formula for dealing with cyber attacks which tend to vary in terms of sophistication.

want to get to know you, at this point they are only focused on figuring out if you're the right person for the job — and your most critical task is showing them that you are, writes Skip Freeman, managing partner at executive search group The HTW Group (formerly Hire To Win), in a post on Personal Branding Blog and previously on Linked In."Recently, as a long-term contract employee at a local regional bank, I learned that the bank was about to install a particular software system and was planning to use an outside firm for the project.

At least 20,00 Tesco Bank customers have had money stolen from their accounts in the "most serious" hack to ever hit the UK banking sector.

In addition, about 157,000 email addresses, names and phone numbers were also accessed.

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