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Likewise, collectors of phonographs or gramophones neglected the talking postcards, because they are difficult tor reproduce and tend to have a faint sound.

Introductory notes: To the best of my knowledge, this is the first attempt to shed some light on the 78rpm “talking postcard”, which was known under many names in many countries, including: Fonopost, Sprechende Postkarte, Musik-Postkarte, Schallplatten-Postkarte, Tonbild-Postkarte, Talking Card, Gramophone Record Postcard, Phonogram Card, Singing Postcard, Carte Postale Parlante, Phonopost, Phono-Postal, Carte-Disque, and variations thereof.

Examples of Tebehem have been found, and in December 1905 the German press reported that a talking postcard was recently introduced in Paris from the US: "Die sprechende Postkarte, der man den Namen Sonorine gegeben hat, wird vor allem dazu dienen, das Briefgeheimnis zu wahren, was bisher nicht möglich war.

Natürlich kann auf diese neue Art und Weise nur zwischen Personen korrespondiert werden, die sich im Besitze der dazu nötigen Apparate befinden.

The cards employed are of standard size, while the records, which are secured in the middle, occupy about one-half of the space on the side to which they are attached.

They are not dissimilar to many of the sample records which from time to time have been used for advertising purposes, excepting that they are slightly smaller in size.

In the US the opaque surface of the record was patented in 1907.

Since US rules allow patenting without commerce the actual manufacture may have started as late as 1915 when the Federal Novelty Imprinting Co.

For the purposes of my invention I prefer to employ disc records of thin transparent celluloid, first, because the small weight of this material does notcause any appreciable increase in the cost of postage, and second, because such records can be mounted over a picture or other representation without obscuring the same" [text page 1, text page 2, drawing page 3].

The March 17, 1905 issue of the Daily Mirror had an article about the German inventor Max Thomas marketing some 80 (! By 1905 phonocards were sold in Germany by Zonophon and Jacob Katz, and also in England.

Prior to WWI the French Pathé company marketed small discs for self-recording purposes, manufactured of a blackish plastic or lacquer (”Sonorine”), often mounted on a rectangular carrier.

The discs and the corresponding play-back machine were called “Phono-Postal”. ) „turntable“ was a sort of picture-frame in which the cards were clamped. (Épis de blé) was registered as a trademark in Paris for the Compagnie Générale d' Electricité.

of New York City produced cards that had a miniature phonograph record attached to them that played a brief greeting.

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