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It would be so awful if Apple Daily or the Newspapers had this information.

Now, I think the other angle is that the signs that you’re reading from girls like these bitch signs like you were just talking about and other signs you get from the women in Asia sometimes can be very easily misinterpreted if you don’t understand the culture, if you don’t understand the kind of the situation you’re standing in.

So every woman everywhere wants a guy who’s confident, who’s charismatic, who’s dominant, who has a sense of humor.

[Angel Donovan]: Yeah, and you know, the whole Confucian angle has a big link to the 'face concept', you know, and it’s a really important topic, so what you have to understand when it comes to Asian women is face.

On paid dating sites, you have to pay to send messages.

The basic services, as searching, messaging, and viewing the profiles, will remain free.

This was a great discussion that both David and I enjoyed, as we've both been living and dating in Asia for many years.

Certainly when I first went to China, it was always the big thing, face, which I think it can also be translated to things that happen in the West as well, that face exists in the West as well, it’s just that it’s something, I mean for me, that happens more like you see more of it or it’s more noticeable in the East.

To talk about this subject I've brought on David Tian, well known as Singapore's "Hitch" (reference to the Will Smith movie).

So for guys who are interested in Asian women, whether they be Western countries or in Asia, that's kind of another topic we’re going to be looking into because it’s a bit different.

When I first started doing this in China, I’d been trained in America, then when I went over I didn’t escalate very much and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

But once she accepts your presence, you can basically start cave manning at that point.

Like if you think in China, they usually have these…