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The left channel was fed via one EQ directly into one channel of the Mac's audio input. The right signal was fed firstly through a short delay of about 5 milliseconds before going through the second EQ and then into the other channel of the Mac.

The concert was held on the University of Miami "patio", an outdoor gathering area adjacent to the pool.

(It subsequently appeared on a Grandmothers album, and was credited to Don Preston.) The original Eye of Agamotto was an amulet belonging to the Marvel Comics character Dr. The bootleg version does not contain the complete show, nor does it play the songs in the sequence they were performed.

"Studio" Tan Mitsugu's guide to Japanese words on this recording: (My pet theory is that the title "The Eyes of Osaka" derives from "Eye of Agamotto", which is jazz waltz piece performed live in 1969 (bootlegged on Gas Mask). This was done in full view of the audience, as an object lesson.

I noticed that Zappa himself was also recording the performance using a dummy head on stage with microphones stuck in its ears but he probably got better results than we have here.

A few minutes into the concert you will probably hear that the sound gets a bit muffled as I had to hide the recorder completely under my jacket when we were moved along a few seats to make room for a few latecomers who insisted we were in their seats. We ended up sitting in the sixth row back from the stage, a few seats right of dead centre - ideal seats to watch from, but unfortunately the PA stacks were way off to either side of me.

As a result the vocals aren't all that clear, but the audience applause in the surrounding seats came out really, really well. ) Zappa and the band were in fine form this night but they weren't playing much new stuff, mainly repeating material from earlier albums.

The audience response was enthusiastic especially when calling the band back for the encores.

I managed to capture all of the first encore, but the tape ran out after a minute or so into the second. ) 2 hours of material here, as I was using a C120 cassette and didn't want to be caught changing tapes.

As it was I probably missed a few minutes when turning the tape over. Well, on the original copy there's a huge peak centred around 150Hz, probably caused by my copious armpit, combined with the legendary resonance of Festival Hall and its iron roof.

The History & Collected Improvisations of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention flips the sides around, and lists only three tracks on side 2: "The Illinois Enema Bandit", "Show Me Your Thumb" and "The Torture Never Stops".

Strange; if you misspell it as "Agamoto" it looks kind of Japanese, which may have inspired someone to come up with "The Eyes of Osaka". The complete chronological song list is as follows: 1.

Track 1 is just the little bridge that follows the guitar solo on "Inca Roads", which was used as an intro on this tour. Pressed on red vinyl, yellow vinyl, and on yellow and red. ) and we hear the guitar-solo part of "Inca Roads" until where it turns into "Stink-Foot" and Zappa announces the band. My master tapes are qualitatively superior, and more complete, than the multi-generational versions that eventually got released.

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