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In 2011, researchers at American University in Washington, D.C., found a link between estrogen and the ability to control excessive inflammation in the brain.

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Ovaries are grape-sized glands located by the uterus and are part of the endocrine system.

Estrogen is also produced by fat cells and the adrenal gland.

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Estrogens are hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development, mainly in women. The term "estrogen" refers to all of the chemically similar hormones in this group, which are estrone, estradiol (primary in women of reproductive age) and estriol.

In women, estrogen is produced mainly in the ovaries.

This is why postmenopausal women are four times more likely to suffer from osteoporosis than men, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Estrogen also plays a role in blood clotting, maintaining the strength and thickness of the vaginal wall and the urethral lining, vaginal lubrication and a host of other bodily functions.

This research is hoped to help those with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease. "Most of the time nothing needs to be done to treat or prevent functional cysts," said Dr.

Antonella Lavelanet, an obstetrician at Boston Medical Center.

At the onset of puberty, estrogen plays a role in the development of so-called female secondary sex characteristics, such as breasts, wider hips, pubic hair and armpit hair.