Mark driscoll quotes on dating

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Mark driscoll quotes on dating

So we will have a look at how we ended up where we are.

But then he started to do things that even his ardent admirers could not ignore.

As exits from the ministry go, they do not come much bigger than that of Mark Driscoll. In an age of celebrity pastors, his resignation following accusations of bullying, plagiarism and inappropriate handling of church funds, was never going to be a quiet out-of-the-public-eye affair.

Lauded among the ‘New Calvinist’ fraternity as the man who can reach parts of society others can’t, his resignation in October last year from the Mars Hill Church in Seattle made the Huffington Post and Fox News. His demise then was quickly followed by the dissolution of Mars Hill Church which formally ceased to exist on December 31 last year. His profile commanded attention among the ranks of ‘The New Calvinists’ but it extended far beyond that into the wider evangelical world. In fact it was Rick Warren, the seeker-sensitive church growth guru, a man hardly known for his conformity to the tenets of Reformed doctrine and practice.

So there are quite a few ministries and pastors who avidly read his titles and followed his comments who, we imagine, are having to conduct private inquests and quietly detox themselves of the self-styled ‘Reformissional Rev’.

The ’resurgence’ he reckoned to spearhead has lost its talismanic figurehead and maybe left a few ruing their involvement.

By the end there were 15 congregations across five different States, though mostly in Seattle, and a combined Sunday congregation estimated at about 13,000.

So if growth was the measure of success, then he achieved it by the spadeful.This and more guaranteed there would be lively discussion surrounding him. Here in the UK Dr Ted Williams set up the very helpful ‘Driscoll Controversy’ website to keep abreast of Driscoll’s behaviour and teaching (Then there was his book which also cited some examples of Driscoll’s worrying pronouncements and views.The sages of Porterbrook, the church planting and general think-tank with which Tim Chester has strong ties, liked the cut of his jib as did the related ‘Crowded House’ fraternity.His ‘missional church set in the city’ and ‘being a man’s man’ had strong appeal.But the dominant feature driving forward his ministry and looming large in his autobiographical writings was the pursuit of church growth.