Metamorphic processes invalidate radiometric dating methods

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Metamorphic processes invalidate radiometric dating methods - what is the disadvantage of consolidating debt

The book has no publisher's information page but it seems clear from the Forward, written by the well-known young-earth creationist Henry Morris, that it was published by the Institute for Creation Research in 1993. To fairly represent Woodmorappe's thesis in this paper, I would like to reproduce his abstract in full (p.

The large spread of values for igneous and metamorphic rocks (especially of the Precambrian) may indicate artificial imposition of time-values upon these rocks.If this is the case, the consistency of these apparent ages is fortuitous." In the example above, Woodmorappe misquoted Mc Kee and Noble (reference 268) by omitting part of a sentence, without indicating this by ellipses, and by not completing their thought.What they actually wrote was (Mc Kee & Noble, 1976, p.Also included in Woodmorappe's paper is a single massive data table (Table 1, p.103-113) containing over 350 of what are alleged to be anomalous radiometric dates with references to the primary literature.118 & 120), and that geologists "cover-up the basic failure of the paradigm" (p. The general tone throughout the paper is that geologists who use radiometric dating are often intentionally dishonest in their handling of the data.

Finally, a major general criticism of this paper is its sheer magnitude and its superficial treatment of data.

113), that anomalous dates are not reported in the scientific literature (p.

114), that some geologists have "fudged" Rb-Sr isochrons (p.

The Phanerozoic section is subdivided into Woodmorappe's claims regarding the selective publication of dating results, the dating of sedimentary rocks, supposed rationalizations for discrepant igneous dates from petrographic and regional geologic evidence, and what he considers to be problematic results from the radiometric dating of biostratigraphically-bracketed igneous rocks.

The Precambrian section is subdivided into claims regarding the consistency and concordance of radiometric dates, the alleged violations of superposition and cross-cutting relationships from radiometric age data, and supposedly problematic age values for igneous and metamorphic terranes.

Following a short introduction, Woodmorappe's paper is divided into two main sections.

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