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Mobile dating tips - new trends in dating

Whether you're wrangling an international business spanning multiple time zones, or just need a better way to track events with friends and family, here's how you can use Google Calendar to manage all that and more.

Its name will remain in the list, but the events will no longer appear in the main calendar view.

To spotlight a range of dates, click and drag on the dates you want to select in the mini calendar on the upper left.

Concentrate on just a couple of weeks, or keep dragging to pull in dates from the preceding or following months.

This is another Labs setting that sets you up to view your entire year at once.

Year View displays the entire year in a grid, allowing you to navigate to a future date quickly.

Add an image here, either by choosing an image from your albums or uploading a new image, and choose how your image will be displayed.

Once you've saved your changes, return to your calendar to see your background image. Depending on how many events you have upcoming, you may see just today or all of the events for the next several days.

Focus on who, what, when, and where: Who the event is with, what are you doing, where is it happening, and–most importantly for your calendar–when is all of this going down.

Google Calendar will create a new event, and you can edit it later if you need to add more details.

If a single color for each calendar isn't enough, you can also add colors to individual events on the Edit Event page.

You may not always need or want every calendar to be visible, especially if you've been added to several colleagues' calendars.

To bring the calendar back, just click its name in the list again.

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