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The NIC was asked in March to advise ministers on how the UK can become a “world leader” in the deployment of 5G, which potentially offers ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, ultra-high capacity seamless connectivity to support future technologies like augmented reality, connected vehicles and the “Internet of things”.Britain is “languishing in the digital slow lane” with 4G connectivity lagging behind the networks of countries like Romania, Albania, Panama and Peru, according to the Government's official infrastructure advisers.Market provision of mobile services has left too many “digital deserts” and “not spots” where users cannot get 4G signals, even within major city centres, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) found.Mobile 4G connection “varies wildly” across the UK, which lags behind Estonia and Peru for overall availability, latest figures show.Middlesbrough is the best city for 4G access with 83% availability, while Bournemouth is the worst at 68%, the report from consumer group Which?Glasgow and Edinburgh came 9th and 10th respectively.

The report also looked at average 4G download speeds across the UK, finding Stoke-on-Trent to be the fastest city and Brighton the slowest. is calling on the next government to work with Ofcom and mobile providers to ensure that “critical” reforms are made to the market that deliver better performance and service for customers.

But the Commission found that there was still much work to be done to haul the UK out of its 54th position in global rankings for 4G, with typical users able to access the service only 53% of the time.

Countries like the USA and Japan already have data volumes four to five higher than the UK, the report found.

“From connected vehicles to the internet of things, 5G will support a whole new way of communicating and doing business.

The UK must not be left behind.” The leader of the cross-party British Infrastructure Group of MPs (BIG), Grant Shapps, said, “This infrastructure report confirms what BIG has been saying for a long time.

“Our roads and railways can feel like digital deserts and even our city centres are plagued by not-spots where connectivity is impossible.