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“Any time you go to places where you’re not known — even if it’s a hotel in another city — you might be more aggressive.So when you construct an environment like the Internet or long-distance call centers with a help desk worker in Bangalore, you’re creating an environment that facilitates uncharacteristic behavior.

“When we first started with online blogs and that sort of thing, people weren’t aware of how much the environment could affect their behavior, but now people are getting much more savvy about it,” Wallace says.(Think online daters who “fall in love” without ever meeting.) A lot of this effect has to do with feedback — or lack thereof, says Wallace.“The environment affects how you behave,” she says.Anonymity can draw out some very troubling behavior.” Mc Intyre, the billing specialist from Houston, says the online news forums she’s participated in over the years have led her down many a dark and dysfunctional corridor. “You can be whoever you want, you can put out there whatever you want, and there are no consequences. I consider myself better than that, but I did it too, and that bothers me.I guess it’s just the dynamic.” Rider University psychology professor John Suler wrote about this dynamic in his 2004 paper “The Online Disinhibition Effect.” In it, he describes both toxic disinhibition — angry, threatening behavior such as that seen in flame wars or cyberbullying — and benign disinhibition, in which people make overly personal revelations due to the intimate nature of the medium.In 2004, comedienne Margaret Cho posted dozens of hateful e-mail messages she’d received in response to a monologue on her Web site, along with each sender’s full name and e-mail address.

Shamed — and deluged with their own hate mail from Cho’s fans — some posters sent in abject letters of apology.

“It’s a beautiful place to go, it’s remote and it has a wonderful history in Norse mythology,” he says.

It’s fitting that the agency takes its name from the mountain said to house the holy hall of Valhalla because Snøhetta is an organisation both inspired by storytelling and defined by it.

I turned the corner and waved and suddenly they weren’t anonymous anymore.

You could see the incredible shame come over them because they’d demonstrated this behavior that from their perspective was out of character.

“But the issue that needs to be considered now is there’s no privacy.

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