No sign up no rehistration fuck sight

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No sign up no rehistration fuck sight

Gloria was an attractive petite Filipina in her late twenties with a shoulder-length bob of her jet-black hair.

Stammering a hasty plea for mercy, Gloria' was abruptly stopped when the officer interjected, "You smell like you've been drinking. " Before Gloria knew it, she had admitted to "having a few." "Miss, I must ask you to exit your car," was the immediate response that rumbled out of the officer's throat. She knew that she had to do to something to show that she wasn't wired, but did she have the guts to do what was necessary?All she knew was that he was a big man with a deep rumbling voice, a barrel chest and muscular arms that stretched his black leather jacket.A broad leather belt encircled his trim waist, displaying his sidearm, ammunition pouch, and handcuffs.However, as she drove down the pitched black side road with sugar cane stalks higher than her car, she began to have second thoughts.Gloria hadn't really taken notice of this police officer, and couldn't even recall his face.Furthermore, you have several outstanding citations ranging from parking tickets to speeding citations to one involving driving under the influence.

Given your infractions and current moving violation, I should take you into custody right now, and have your car towed and impounded." Gloria hastily tried to offer a feeble explanation in her defense, and then when that failed, desperately implored, "Please, can't you let this go?

However, if you don't want to, drive on and I just write you up and file my report.

You will be arrested soon thereafter, your driver's license revoked with possible detention and court time." There was something about the way the motorcycle officer presented his ultimatum that made Gloria sit up, gulp, and quickly acquiesce.

It sharply winds down a very steep hill with no street lights and tall sugar cane fields on either side that obscure a motorist's vision." With a loud sigh of obvious disgust, the officer continued his lecture, "And what do you do?

You come speeding down the hill, not knowing or caring what's around the next sharp turn. Let me see your driver's license, car registration, insurance card, and safety papers." Gloria scrambled to find her license in her purse, and then leaned over to frantically search her car's glove compartment for her registration, insurance, and safety check papers.

Returning from his motorcycle, the surly demeanor of the officer told Gloria that she was in deep trouble.