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'It's not often you see a picture of someone crying saying something like "my day was so c***. The perception of perfection is dangerous.'Her breaking point was when she was admitted to hospital in January 2010.'I was "lucky" to be sick enough to be admitted directly into hospital where I spent three months on my first admission,' she said.'I say lucky because we lack ED facilities and unless you're deemed too unwell to function then there are waitlists that can go on forever.'I was also very open about how much I was struggling to my team and nurses which I think made a difference as they were able to plan properly knowing how I was truly feeling.'She underwent 'intense treatment' for the next two years - where she was admitted to the general Paediatric eating disorder ward and the child psychiatric ward.'I was lucky to have a supportive family,' she said.

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I've always said that if your drawers are organised, then your life will be, too…I took the opportunity to take the nine-year old to task. "For example, I cannot write an article unless it is typed using Helvetica, 12 point." After a brief and unsatisfactory explanation involving various points of reference to serif and sans serif fonts and legibility came the inevitable: "Why?" appreciate that OCD in its most severe forms has serious, life-restricting complications.Genevieve Mora, from New Zealand's Auckland, revealed how her obsessive compulsive disorder eventually led to a devastating battle with anorexia from the tender age of 14.Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the young woman shared a glimpse into the crippling impact OCD had on her life - and how she found the strength to fight back after falling into the grips of the eating disorder.'I had a fear of odd numbers,' she said.'It's hard to explain but my mind would tell me to do something like touch a doorknob and until I had done it "properly" or until it felt "complete" I would have to continue.'My OCD convinced me that by not listening to it, by not turning the door knob four times, I or someone I love would die.'It's how the disorder works because of that, the easiest thing to do was to give in to the compulsion.my way, aka ‘the correct way’), it is free to drift off .

A chore actually becomes relaxation time with a sense of fulfillment once the job is done – see also, sorting shopping into fridge/freezer/cupboard bags at the check-out. "I’m laughing at this," he explained, showing me a You Tube clip featuring Donald Trump sitting in meetings and moving things around the table. oathe as I am to correct a small child who has just made an extremely pertinent point, it would have been remiss of me not to point out that such behavior is consistent with aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition that Trump has acknowledged he suffers from in a "borderline" way (he also has a reluctance to shake hands and attributes this to a fear of germs). My nine-year old was watching a video on his i Pod and laughing his head off – this is usually a sign to intervene in a fatherly fashion as it almost invariably involves people in ‘Epic Fails’, inappropriate language or women with large bosoms on trampolines (occasionally all three at the same time).It would decrease my anxiety for about a second until my OCD would move onto the next instruction.'I know it sounds crazy but it is so real and until you experience the feeling, its hard to understand.'Growing up, Genevieve said she had the best upbringing because she was surrounded by loving parents and friends.'I had a great childhood.My parents and family are incredibly loving and supportive, they always have been,' she said.I don't know why they'd do that," Charlize told Ellen.

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