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Unlike other calendar systems that use leap days or leap months to synchronize the calendar with the solar year, the Islamic calendar is completely detached from astronomical seasons marked by the equinoxes and solstices.

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The Stara Planina or Balkan Mountains cross Bulgaria from west to east.Some countries and Muslim communities now use modified versions of the traditional calendar that are designed to make the timing of Islamic months and observances easier to predict.A new month may also begin on different days in different countries.According to some sources, it was a lunisolar calendar where the length of the months followed the Moon phases and a leap month () was regularly inserted to re-align the time reckoning with the solar year.Following the Muslim conquest of Makkah, the leap month was abolished to create a purely lunar calendar.A new month can only begin after a Waxing Crescent Moon is observed shortly after sunset.

The Waxing Crescent Moon is the Moon phase which starts right after a New Moon.

This system uses arithmetical rules to determine the length of each month and inserts leap days on a regular basis.

Read more about the Tabular Islamic calendar The modern Hijri calendar is based on and uses the same month names as the pre-Islamic calendar used by the Ancient Arabs.

Clouds and other adverse atmospheric conditions can obscure an otherwise visible Crescent Moon.

When this happens, the new month will begin a day later, at short notice.

Even though the Islamic calendar year does not match up with the length of a solar year, it does not feature a correction mechanism like leap days in the Gregorian calendar to make up for the deviation.