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The figures represent further embarrassment for a force which recruited just one black officer last month among 162 new recruits.In total 450 West Midlands Police officers are being investigated and five have been suspended.

Since then, only Asbury Park and Deptford have not agreed to pay, he said.Of these 191 (43 per cent) alleged victims are white and 243 (55 per cent) black or Asian.In 33 additional cases, 28 Met officers are on restricted duties and five more suspended following assault allegations.The county is seeking to recover a total of nearly 6,000, according to spokesman Dan Keashen.Retaining its police officers is one of several hurdles the department has faced since its inception.The former police union and several dozen officers had filed a lawsuit to challenge the county's authority to dismantle the former city police department, saying the termination of city officers was illegal and a union-busting move.

On Wednesday, an appellate court upheld a decision by Superior Court made in May 2014 that the creation of the force was legal.That's because Calzonetti worked for fewer than 30 days.For officers who have worked more than 30 days but less than two years, municipalities are required to pay half the cost, not the full amount.The disparity is even worse in the West Midlands where nearly half of assault complaints against police come from black or Asian people – though just 14 per cent of the population is black or ethnic minority.This means black and Asian people are 3.5 times more likely to allege assault by officers.From Linwood, where four former Camden County officers joined the police force after resigning from their jobs last year, the county has sought ,177 in training costs. John Hamilton said he could not comment due to the litigation.

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