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- Homosexuality gaining grounds in Ghana as two men wed in Kumasi (2011). She was quoted as saying that it will be “almost impossible for the act of homosexuality to be considered criminal” if the constitution is not reworded in this way.

He used the day as the opportunity to confront corrupt officials saying they’re worse than colonials. The gay harlots operate in and around Adabraka, especially the area around Henri's Place, a popular spot at Adabraka Official Town, known for hosting earring wearing men, suspected to be homosexuals.Ghanaian youth have a more favourable attitude to gays than the old – the same trend found in other countries too.But it is today still difficult for prominent Ghanaian gays to come out and a politician who is known to be gay will never be voted for. Ghana’s gays condemn anniversary celebrations (2007): The 50 years anniversary milestone achievement of independence on 6 March this year in Ghana did not as such mean anything to homosexuals in that country...- One percent of Ghanaians are gay or lesbian (2011): More than 200,000 people or one per cent of Ghana's adult population regard themselves as gay or lesbian, according a study.- Catholic Bishops Condemn Pedophilia, Homosexuality in Country (2009). now I remove myself from our residence to avoid my temper landing me in an issue.

A Note from Ghana to Homosexuals: “Go Elsewhere” (2011): As you pass through immi­gra­tion at Accra Inter­na­tional Air­port, before you reach the bag­gage claim, there is a sign which reads “Wel­come!! Homo­sex­u­al­ity is socially and legally unac­cept­able in Ghana.- Gay rights activist spreads his message in Ghana (2010).- Coming out in Africa - or staying in (2004): In Ghana, a culture of silence exists around same-sex love, and Europeans and Americans are sometimes accused of enticing the locals to break their contradictory taboos.While it will be explained to be a make believe, people are wondering the kind of lesson that the movie will teach the public, as it shows how a man can find delight in a fellow man.- Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Denies Being Gay (2010).A broken-hearted man has a shared screenshots of conversations his wife has been having with another man and it’s just heartbreaking.

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