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శ్రీ హేవళంబి నామ సం।।రం।। దక్షిణాయనం హేమంత రుతువు; పుష్య మాసం; శుక్ల పక్షం ద్వాదశి: మ. మహావిష్ణువు దుష్టశిక్షణ కోసం అవతారాలు ధరించడం, భువికి దిగిరావడం పరిపాటి.

However, in the present modern times, this attire has been replaced by the western trousers and shirt.Printing of fabric in the Kalamkari, Nirmal, Bidri styles with vegetable dyes is quite famous.These traditional styles of textile printing are mostly block printing, tie and dye etc.In rural Andhra Pradesh the women still dress traditionally in a saree and men in Dhoti Kurta.The indigenous musical tradition of Kerala finds its roots in the music of the animalistic deities of the primitive.... It has gained a lot of popularity for its fabrics woven by hands....It is said that 8 of the 10 most valued pieces of jewellery in the world have their origin in this magical land.

Although the Golconda mines have been closed for over 100 years now, the diamonds that have originated from here fetch the highest price for diamonds from anywhere else in the world.Each of the variety of sarees mostly in cotton or silk is distinct in technique and design but have a common thread running through; each kind of saree represents a glorious tradition of ethnic skills that are not only technically flawless but also richly artistic in their rendition.The art of dyeing yarn and cloth have been keenly developed in this land.The art of making fine jewellery is influenced by the great historic past of the land which has seen upheavals, prosperity and peace, war and subjugation by foreign powers.The Kollur mines in the Golconda district of Andhra from where some of the finest diamonds of the world such as the Kohinoor , Regent, the Great Mogul and the Hope diamond have originated are located in the state.Jewellery made in gold and precious stones such as Vaddanna, Aravaanke, Kasula- haram, Buttalu is known for its artistic tradition and beauty. The pearl market developed near the Char Minar in Hyderabad was given the impetus by the Nizam of Hydearabd.