Peerblock not updating

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That's because it's actually an updated version of PG, however, unlike PG, I found it updates smoothly and doesn't hang.I like the fact it comes in a portable version too.

It's Zone Alarm causing the issue, not some other security program, which is apparent by the difference when turning off Application Control in Zone Alarm. I am very glad to hear you found a easier solution to your issue that I assumed you already had tried it. As the problem is resolved Iwill revise the title of the thread and closing it.Name, however this site has awful pop-ups, so here’s a direct link to the blocklist.Peer Block is an filter that automatically blocks the addresses of organizations and corporations that may harm user privacy while using the Internet and P2P networks.What other security tools are running on the system?More information you provide more likely other users here will be able to identify the problem and trying to help.It uses multiple, categorized lists and you can choose which type of site(s) you want to block, including computers monitoring your p2p activities, spyware/malware sites, advertising servers and more.

The lists are maintained and updated by a community and you can automatically have the program download the latest IP address lists.Name, however this site has awful pop-ups and ads, so here’s a direct link to the blocklist.A blocklist is simply a list of IP addresses to block when torrenting.This is intended to block inbound connections from internet addresses as specified by IP address, though urls probably get converted to IP addresses via DNS lookup so it can block those as well (unless you have the address in your host file in which case you would likely defeat the purpose of the program)@carbonize: I think tom means you don't know that the programs works because it is doing its job silently, and you will know if it doesn't work because then you're flooded with all nasty stuff it otherwise blocks :-)Just so you know: V1.1 r518 is the next STABLE release; so, the note above about beta version is not accurate.Website says: »Here it is, Peer Block 1.1, released November 22, 2010! It includes many bugfixes and a few new features over our last Peer Block 1.0 Stable Release, ...«@Wolfghost: I wasn't referring to you, Wolfghost.The hosts will block named dns queries to a ip address whereas a p2p connection or socket connections may or may not use named dns connections, thus allowing a direct IP connection even if that "host" is blocked in your HOSTS file.