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Hate to sound like a sap but like so many songs of this ilk I can't help but cry when I hear it.

The Knack appeared in the new TV series called "Hot me baby one more time" and actually had the best live performance but lost out to Vanilla Ice because of the young audience.

The Knack also performed a cover version of the Jet's "Are you gonna be my girl" which was even better than the original!!!

The show was ill conceived because they had artists from different decades competing against one another which wasn't fair to the older artists.

Unfortunately, many of the punks and rock bands that had been struggling resented the Knack for it.

There were complaints about the album artwork resembling "Meet the Beatles," and even "Nuke the Knack" t-shirts. Their first album also contained the song "Good Girls Don't (But I Do) which was even naughtier than My Sharona.

Along with this is one of the best, most underrated guitar solos of the 1970s.

The long version of this song should be amongst the top ten or twenty rock songs ever recorded.I actually met her and took pics when my brother recognized her at a concert.She was sitting in my friend's seat- we had front row tix- but her ticket was for front row BALCONY, so we asked her to move.Read up on what happened with the Knack's reunion tour in the 1990's.Cut short after only a couple of shows with people throwing garbage at the band with some minor injuries sustained. This hit #1 in Canada in 1979 and stayed on top for three weeks (replaced by The Cars' "Let's Go"); The Knack quickly scored another #1 hit here in the same year: "Good Girls Don't", which also held the pole position for three weeks.Underage is the key as he says in the song "such a dirty mind I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind."The Knack were really destroyed by the success of this song.