Physical attractiveness in dating

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“Hey, I’m pretty good looking, why did I choose someone obviously less so than myself? ” In order to reduce that internal and unconscious conflict and resolve the discrepancy, so goes the theory, they might persuade themselves that the person they chose is actually more physically appealing than initially thought. So the researcher set out to test this hypothesis using the HOTor website and its dating component.(The researchers also ran a separate experiment to ensure that “hot” people on the website really were rated as being attractive by folks in the real-world, which they were, confirming the validity of the HOTor NOT data.) They examined two different sets of data — 2,386,267 rating decisions by 16,550 members looking for meeting requests (dating) and 447,082 rating decisions made by 5,467 members just randomly rating the attractiveness of others on the site (not looking for a date).

We all know physical attraction is important in dating, but is it everything? Physical attraction is important in any relationship.

Science says people decide nine things within seconds of meeting you, from status to intelligence and promiscuity.

These too play a role in determining compatibility. While many of us can look at the “Denzels” and the “Angelinas” as being universally attractive, who I may find to be physically attractive may not be who you find to be physically attractive.

However, science has uncovered that there are many unexpected factors like face shape, voice pitch, even smell are also important factors in determining who we’re attracted to.

Though subtle, these factors can play a powerful role in our assessment of attraction. Laura Berman says attraction results from the unique information gathered by all of our senses. John Money, a psychologist who specialized in research into sexual identity, biology and gender known as “love maps”.

Do less attractive people think the people they date (who also tend to be less attractive) delude themselves into thinking their dates are more physically attractive?

According to new research, the answer is “no.”You remember that website that used to be popular, HOTor, which allows visitors to rate the attractiveness of random, anonymous photographs, right?

People don’t delude themselves into thinking that when they date someone as unattractive as themselves, that the person they date is more attractive than they really are.

The researchers also confirmed the well-worn finding that people sought out dates of similar attractiveness levels (or people who slightly more attractive).

In simple terms, we determine if they are pro-creation worthy through our senses.

However, we can’t wrap initial reactions and compatibility all up in someone’s attractiveness.

These data were taken from a 10-day period in the summer of 2005.

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