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alice watched in awe as they rammed together frantically, trying for release before they got caught, unaware they were being watched.they were still mostly dressed, the man with his pants around his ankles, the female with her skirt bunched around her waist, her blouse open and her breasts bouncing wildly, and, alice noted, no bra or panties.


Alice emerged from the washroom, went straight for albert at their table, paid the bill without a word, and practically dragged him out to their car. "If you don't take me home right now and fuck me like an animal, i will kill you." she whispered savagely between her kisses. they drove home in silence, him taking every chance to shorten their journey, whilst she sat with her hands clutching the seat rests, trying to restrain herself. she engulfed it in moments, moaning as she felt it reach its full stature inside her mouth.

the room was mostly one, with a slightly raised dance-floor.

along the walls were several bars and small clusters of tables, with little signs explaining the particular diet they offered.

Alternate Pleasure by Nightshade 1999 All rights reserved. when she finished, she pulled the shaft free slowly, moaning as it emerged, flaring into one last minispasm as the head popped free.

No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author. gasping and panting, she dropped the toy onto the floor and lay still for a moment.

sweat was dripping from their faces and they were panting as they fucked furiously.

the man dug his nails into her thighs and grunted several times, humping her hard as he pumped his semen into her.

rummaging through her underwear drawer, she crowed with delight as she unearthed her favorite dildo. when the bulbous head popped past her lips, she groaned and arched slightly off the bed. god how she loved him, seven and a half feet of purebred racehorse, though the only racing he did these days was driving her to orgasm. " he rumbled and as always she went weak in the knees as she heard his deep sensuous voice. he wore a light grey sport jacket, over a white shirt that barely buttoned on his massive chest, and black pants.

almost a foot long and three inches across, it wasn't as big as albert but it would have to do. he had tried jeans once, at her insistence, but when he tried to bend over in them, they split wide open.

he gripped the back of her head with his huge four-fingered hands, grunting as he felt her tongue and hands. i want it now." he tensed like a wire, his head rocking from side to side, then nieghed deafeningly as he began to spurt.

she was like an animal, wanting only his hot creamy cum, in her mouth, on her tits, all over her body. alice screamed around his cock as he exploded like a rocket booster.

Alice smiled to herself as she put the finishing touches on her makeup. " she pumped the dildo back and forth furiously, grinding her clit against the rubber balls, humping up and down on the bed. 'that was good, but it can't beat the real thing.' she thought.