Polycom ip 331 updating initial configuration

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Polycom ip 331 updating initial configuration - Free sex chat online iphone

I'm having some trouble too, but I think you've got further than me. Once I can get as far as you, I can help resolve the issue you are describing. I received a 1692 today and am working with it in the lab...

We are running CM version 4 Boot Server User name Boot Server Password Regarding your "phone will not pull 242 option from DHCP" comment, have you verified this?After it loaded it's firmware I set everything back to DHCP.The regular DHCP options I had for all my other phones were fine and worked with this set.First, it tries to download firmware via FTP, which I hadn't set up.To get the latest load onto the phone, I set up the IP information manually. The key step for me was to make set the phone to use TFTP to download firmware instead of FTP(The default). Once I set all this up, it downloaded it's firmware just fine.I've been checking this site for sometime, just thought i would take the time to register as im having very similar issues with the 1692.

=( Im using the "February 1, 2010" edition of the 46file, which mentions it supports the "1692 telephone H.323 software release R1.00"..Ive found if i hit * to program and set all settings (phone ip, router, subnet, vlan etc etc) it does appear to boot up and go through its sequences faster... Very interested to see what Dave G has in his .cfg's or other files to get further.Thnx =) Glann C, can you paste your DHCP Server 242 options for the subnet your 1692 is on?Couldn't get them out of this loop for the life of me, until I pressed * to set my values manually and changed the IP.Literally, that's all I did, change the IP to something I hadn't used before and it worked perfectly.Regarding files that are available on the Avaya web site, if you go to support.and set product to 'Conference Phones' you'll notice that Avaya have not posted anything regarding administration or instlation in their documentation section.