Post dating checks in quickbooks

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Post dating checks in quickbooks

Customer Identification Specify the customer Id if the drawer belongs to the same bank. Liability Identification The system displays the liability Id if the drawer is a bank customer. However If drawer is bank’s customer, then the name will get defaulted here.This adjoining option list displays all valid customer ids maintained in the system. However you can specify the liability Id for a drawer, when a cheque discounting transaction is input, the limit utilization for the drawer will be tracked against this liability. This adjoining option list displays all valid drawer statuses maintained in the system. Drawer Black Listed The system defaults this field.

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The method described below is particularly useful because it creates a document (a credit memo) that accurately describes the written-off receivable.This chapter contains the following sections: You can maintain the drawer status details using ‘Drawer Status Maintenance’ screen.You can invoke this screen by typing ‘PDDDWRST’ in the field at the top right corner of the Application tool bar and clicking on the adjoining arrow button.If the discounted cheque is returned from the clearing, then the system will process the debit from the past due account or create loan based on the parameters captured in the ‘Post Dated Cheque product preference’ screen.For processing PDCs, you will first have to create PDC products in Oracle FLEXCUBE and then process individual PDCs as contracts under the products that you create.Cheque Amount The system displays the amount on the cheque.

Discounted Date The system displays the date of discounting.The drawer will be blacklisted based on the number of times the cheque gets returned. Account Number Specify the account number of drawer bank.The cheque return count will be maintained at ‘Bank parameters’ screen. This adjoining option list displays all valid account numbers maintained in the system. Status Specify the drawer status against each drawer bank.Cheque Status The system displays the status of cheque.On realization, the status will be updated as ‘Used’ and upon return the status will be updated as ‘Return’.Trading or Bartering Using Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Have you ever had a customer who wants to trade what is owed to your company for a service or item you purchased from him/her?