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Among these improvements was the invention of good insulation for telegraph wires.

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In 1844, Morse sent his first telegraph message, from Washington, D. Although the telegraph had fallen out of widespread use by the start of the 21st century, replaced by the telephone, fax machine and Internet, it laid the groundwork for the communications revolution that led to those later innovations.

Initially, the code, when transmitted over the telegraph system, was rendered as marks on a piece of paper that the telegraph operator would then translate back into English.

Rather quickly, however, it became apparent that the operators were able to hear and understand the code just by listening to the clicking of the receiver, so the paper was replaced by a receiver that created more pronounced beeping sounds.

C., to Baltimore, Maryland; by 1866, a telegraph line had been laid across the Atlantic Ocean from the U. Before the development of the electric telegraph in the 19th century revolutionized how information was transmitted across long distances, ancient civilizations such as those in China, Egypt and Greece used drumbeats or smoke signals to exchange information between far-flung points.

However, such methods were limited by the weather and the need for an uninterrupted line of sight between receptor points.

Like ancient smoke signals, the semaphore was susceptible to weather and other factors that hindered visibility.

A different method of transmitting information was needed to make regular and reliable long-distance communication workable.In 1843, Morse and Vail received funding from the U. Congress to set up and test their telegraph system between Washington, D. On May 24, 1844, Morse sent Vail the historic first message: “What hath God wrought!” The telegraph system subsequently spread across America and the world, aided by further innovations.Their system was soon being used for railroad signaling in Britain.During this time period, the Massachusetts-born, Yale-educated Morse (who began his career as a painter), worked to develop an electric telegraph of his own.Another improvement, by the famed inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) in 1874, was the Quadruplex system, which allowed for four messages to be transmitted simultaneously using the same wire.