Reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe dating

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After Tracy's death, Hepburn collaborated with her friend and author, A. In excerpts published by , Hepburn claims she reached out to Louise "thinking she might be of some help with the children," and said, "You know, Louise, you and I can be friends.You knew Spencer at the beginning, I knew him at the end.

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Depending on the role, it can be part of a the actors' jobs to have to pretend to fall in love with each other, but sometimes sparks fly for real.Bogart was still married to his third wife, actress Mayo Methot, although their relationship was on the rocks as a result of her hard-drinking and troublesome behavior.By the time Bogie had fallen for Bacall, he was already over Methot.After their divorce, Manson and Von Teese took turns slamming each other in the press.Manson spoke openly about his near-suicidal depression during the relationship, which he blamed on Von Teese's unreasonable expectations of him.Okay, that's an oversimplification of the plot, but it's true that the movie flopped, and it's also true that the on-set affair accelerated the end of Ryan's already troubled marriage to actor Dennis Quaid, according to .

Within months of the affair hitting the tabloids, Ryan and Quaid announced their separation and filed for divorce.And sometimes those sparks happen to fly between stars who are already in committed relationships. Here are the celebs who took rehearsing their love scenes to a whole other level., the horror reboot that literally marketed itself on the fact that Paris Hilton gets brutally murdered in it.Or, we can just go on pretending." Louise replied, "Oh, yes.But you see, I thought you were only a rumour." That is either some Mariah-level shade right there, or a spectacularly sad case of denial.Ryan's brief relationship with Crowe was the subject of intense media scrutiny, most of which Ryan largely ignored.