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Cunnamulla was one of many settlements which grew up in South-West Queensland as a result of the activities of Cobb & Co. Tuen, Tego, Balbuna, Wooroorooka and Coongoola are now nothing more than a memory.In the 1880s farmers moved into the area and found the open plains to be perfect for sheep grazing.

Cunnamulla A pleasant service town just north of the New South Wales border.

It has been suggested that Wells hid in the tree but, if that was the case, the tree has managed to grow over the hollow space which once existed. Irate locals, whose money he had stolen, chased and captured him.

Cunnamulla-Eulo Festival of Opals In late August, the Cunnamulla-Eulo Festival of Opals is held.

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Places are extremely limited – Book early to avoid disapointment.The township of Cunnamulla was created by Cobb & Co.who, on 3 September 1879, drove the first coach through from Bourke.Today it is still an important rail head for the surrounding area, being the end of the branch line which runs south from Charleville.While there is little to tempt the curious traveller in Cunnamulla the town has a distinct old world charm.Our site is unique because it blends not only traditional online dating but also includes our staff matchmakers who can hand select your matches and make an introduction.