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26 — after he admitted to an affair with a lobbyist — and the revelation that a state senator had discovered a surveillance camera placed by a private investigator in a condominium where several legislators stay during the annual session.“It’s almost like a dark state going on in Tallahassee,” said Rep.

“There’s constant commentary that men say to women, and maybe a lot of time it’s innocent,” she said. Oh, that dress looks really great on you.’” A typical offhand remark often includes the suggestion that a woman might be doing well in politics because she is somehow inappropriately involved with a man, she said. One of the tools of the trade is the use of attractive young men and women who are hired by lobbyists to show up in the Capitol and nearby bars in the closing weeks of legislative sessions, flirt with lawmakers, and maybe even offer sexual favors. ‘Mac’ Stipanovich, a capital fixture for more than three decades as a staffer, political strategist and lobbyist, said that Tallahassee traditionally operated with a “code of silence” that protected questionable after-hours behavior.

“If confronted with the facts, we can’t defend what was going on.” The last time a sexual harassment scandal rocked the Legislature was in 1991, after the House secretly paid ,000 in taxpayer money to quiet a female staff member’s claims of harassment against a powerful legislator and his staff director on a House committee.

House Speaker Jon Mills, a Democrat from Gainesville, approved the confidential payment to staff member Kathie Jennings. Fred Lippman, a Hollywood Democrat, was publicly admonished by the House and stripped of his title of House majority leader.

“All these stories, and all these allegations, are they being instigated by other legislators with a singular purpose?

Is it being strategic, or is it being done for the purpose of truly bringing justice to the system?

“If you’re making people available for sexual activity, frankly, it borders on criminality.

I respect the place I go to work every day.” Jack Latvala, Florida’s newest Republican candidate for governor, struggled Wednesday to fully blame the deadly violence that took place during a Charlottesville rally over the weekend on white supremacists.

For decades, sex has been a tool and a toy for the politically powerful in the male-dominated world of politics in Florida’s capital. Allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment and infidelity among the state’s legislators flew like shrapnel from a bomb blast in recent weeks, destroying much of the trust left in the Republican-controlled Legislature and replacing it with suspicion and finger pointing.

The latest target, Senate Appropriations Chair Jack Latvala, was accused by six unnamed women Friday of inappropriate touching and verbal harassment.

” The dangerous mix of exploiting rumors of sex between consenting adults, and serious accusations about victimizing women, has the potential to turn Florida’s next legislative session into an emotional powder keg.

“Session is starting now and our state has been ravaged by a hurricane that caused destruction and taught lessons and now you have this black hole consuming everything,” Diaz said.

But as each scandal faded, Tallahassee went back to business as usual. Ronald ‘Doc’ Renuart, a Ponte Vedra Beach Republican, stood up on the House floor and proudly introduced his soon-to-be wife. Latvala blamed the leaks that led to Clemens’ fall — and the covert cameras — on former Sen.