Self liquidating credit

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Self liquidating credit - wale dating seattle

With inventory financing, it is anticipated that the goods purchased will turn into financeable receivables; however, there are instances in which inventory financing can be used to support the purchase of goods that will be sold through non-traditional wholesale channels.

Inventory financing is often used to pay suppliers offering no or limited payment terms or to build inventory in advance of a heavy shipping season.We invest in a wide variety of industries, including: Cash-flow loans are based on the projected future cash flows of a business, with the lending limit generally set at projected future revenues and its past ability to generate cash, rather than the liquidation value of the assets.Cash-flow loans are typically used for funding growth or financing an acquisition.Repayment of a loan is generated through cash flow produced by the borrower through its general operating activities.These loans typically contain contractually determined interest along with amortization schedules.White Oak is a direct lender to middle market companies.

White Oak provides businesses with term loans for growth, acquisition, buyouts, recapitalization and working capital.

Invoice discounting has the benefit of keeping a company's credit facility confidential since the company is responsible for collecting and repaying the cash and fees advanced by White Oak.

With invoice discounting, businesses access liquidity secured by their receivables to increase financial flexibility without having to disclose the nature of their financial arrangements to their counterparties.

Invoice discounting allows companies to maintain control of their invoices and collections processes without having to disclose their financing facilities to their counterparties.

Clients utilizing invoice discounting gain access to the cash tied up in their outstanding invoices and increase overall company liquidity and cash flow.

Exit strategies focus on strategic acquisition, sale or cash flow generated by the firm to service the debt.

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