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Calls to Gaikowski had not been returned at press time.According to La Batte, German is angry with him for recently submitting paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service, FBI and BIA that apparently documents misappropriated funds German received from the tribe’s Dakota Magic Casino, located in Hankinson, N. Beginning in 2010, hundreds of thousands of dollars in casino monies were used to cover German’s expenses as part of the casino’s “sponsorship” of livestock he provided for nationwide bull-naming and rodeo events as owner and operator of German Rodeo Bulls, according to Dakota Magic financial records obtained by NSN.

The most common category of service in South Dakota – based on the likelihood of each program to offer all the services within a category – is "emergency services", while the least common category of service is "counseling services".

During this struggle, La Batte says, German and his son, Austin, had to be maced and his adolescent son had to be physically subdued by law enforcement officers, who were called to the scene by La Batte.

Additionally, several female members of German’s family attempted to join in the altercation but were restrained by law enforcement.

PEEVER, SOUTH DAKOTA –– A physically disabled member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate says he was brutally assaulted by a tribal employee and two members of his family.

Timothy La Batte Sr., 52, recently filed a criminal complaint in SWO Tribal Court against Gerald German Jr., 41, program manager for the tribe’s roads department, and over a dozen members of German’s family following what he says were a series of unprovoked, prolonged verbal and physical attacks led by German on April 19.

“That’s the kind of corruption we’re facing here on the Sisseton reservation.” He is also accusing the Sisseton Wahpeton Tribal Police Department of failing to protect him and his family from German and his family.

In his complaint, La Batte says he “felt life-threatened by not only the actions of (the) Germans, but the inaction for police to detain the Germans for the assaults.” “Chief of Police Gary Gaikowski witnessed most of the incidents that day,” he said.

There are 33 organizations in South Dakota that provide domestic violence services at some level.

A total of 29 organizations have provided complete information about their program to this site for a statewide completion rate of 87%.

While at the clerk of court office, La Batte claims Brendan came to alert him that Helena was being intimidated by German and members of his family at the C-Store.

In what would be the fourth and final confrontation of the day by German and his entourage, La Batte claims he was violently pummeled in the face and head by German and one of his adult nephews, Wayne German Jr., in the convenience store parking lot, while another one of his sons, a 17-year-old, kicked him in the nose as he was on his knees attempting to pick up his cap from the pavement.

However, German claims La Batte’s sons are harassing his sons.

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