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With Code RED, authorized users can send thousands of messages in minutes.

In general, the system has been found to work with these devices; but some may require some type of pre-programming to allow our city’s telephone number to pass through.

The caller-ID number for calls generated by the Code RED service will be: 512-352-5551.

In addition, every message will begin with the same standard announcement: “Hello, this is ______ calling with an important message from the City of ______.” The message content will follow this standard introduction.

The City Council appoints members to all City Boards and Commissions as members terms expire. For more information on current vacancies, contact the City Clerk.

Application The City Clerk is responsible for providing access to city documents through the Open Records Act.

For busy signals, the call will be repeated several times in an attempt to reach you. If a message recorder answers the phone, the message will be left on the answering device.

If, after several attempts the call does not successfully go through, the system will stop attempting to call.Also, TV, radio and our city web site will continue to broadcast important announcements.It is our intention and hope that every residence and commercial facility in our community be included in the notification database.Additionally, you may request to have a secondary number be entered into our database for priority calling.Code RED and CAPCOG take security and privacy concerns seriously and do not sell, trade, lease or loan any data about our clients to any third party.This system is a significant enhancement to existing means of communication and is part of the Central Texas Capital Area of Governments' Emergency Notification System.

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    If the next-to-last digit of the USDOT Number is even, the motor carrier or intermodal equipment provider shall file its update in every even-numbered calendar year.