Sex webcams no rego

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Sex webcams no rego

So politicians, who like to look like they are doing anything constructive, can turn around and say that can't be allowed to happen here, and the laws get changed accordingly.No matter that any person who wants the sim for nefarious purposes will get that sim without providing their real ID.

The Telecommunications (Service Provider – Identity Checks for Pre-paid Public Mobile Telecommunications Services) Determination 2000 (the Determination) was made under subsection 99(1) of the Act and sets out rules that apply to CSPs in relation to the supply of pre-paid public mobile telecommunications service The Telecommunications Act 1997 (the Act) is the primary legislative instrument for the telecommunications industry.I remember once I tried to get a sim at woolies, and did not have any ID. However, I can recall going to places other than supermarkets in the last year or two, and not having to supply ID. It is typical of Australia to have a knee jerk reaction to anything that has happened, and penalise the majority of users because of it.However, when I got to activating those sims online (from memory they were either virgin or vodafone) I had to supply ID then. IIRC, it was the Bali bombings that brought in these ID laws for mobiles, as the bombs were detonated remotely using sim cards in mobiles.LOL I am a serial porter and have often wondered what would happen, just been to chicken to try with government paranoia.I bought a SIM the other day from my local Newsagent.. I purchased purely to check out competitor network coverage..From my knowledge, they (police) need to apply for a warrant against a judge just like anything else.

Doesnt sound logical t should be something more major than simple drug dealing for police to obtain details from a number.

It imposes a range of obiligations on carriers and carriage service providers (CSPs), including internet service providers, and requires ACMA to monitor compliance with those obligations.

Not everyone has a credit card so surely that is false.

But it looks good on paper, and gets seen to be proactive in the war against everything.

It was never really about terrorism's a requirement of the Telco Act 199x.

From my knowledge, they (police) need to apply for a warrant against a judge just like anything else The phone company keeps the records, not the police. Technically we are supposed to sign 'the form' that all is true and correct. Whenever I travel OS I purchase local sims, none of the BS that is required here. I always thought driver licence, passport etc was required.