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They never got to the attack planning stage.'He added: 'We know Daesh were using that material to both seek guidance and instruction.'Mr Haydon said the use of encryption 'frustrates investigations, whether police or security services, allowing terrorists to operate with impunity on the internet'.

Ullah had been expected to fight the charges but pleaded guilty at a hearing on March 6.

The senior officer said the 'vast majority' of Ullah's material had been taken off the net with help from internet providers around the world.

Most of the Twitter accounts had also been deleted, he said.

Abdi's mobile phone revealed an encrypted Telegram chat group which included Ullah among its members.

On a shelf at his home, officers discovered a computer disk with messages from the Cyber Caliphate Army, which helped prove his links to ISIS.

A jihadi computer hacker from south Wales who stored military information on James Bond-style USB cufflinks has been jailed for eight years.

Samata Ullah, 34, created a 'one-stop online shop' of information for terrorists from his Cardiff bedroom, in a bid to help ISIS fighters around the world.

In messages, Ullah said he hoped his 'brothers' in ISIS could use the information to 'learn the basics of rocket design' as part of a plan 'to destroy or jam drones and planes'.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: 'This defendant represents a new and dangerous breed of terrorist.'He is a cyber-terrorist who deployed his, not inconsiderable, self-taught information technology skills, to further the cause of terrorism and in particular the cause of ISIS.'All this he did from the relative safety, or so he thought, of his bedroom in Cardiff.'Divorced Ullah, who previously held down a job in the pensions department of Legal and General, ran the scheme from the house he used to share with his mother before she moved out.

Evidence had to be translated and evaluated and fitted into the current laws with help from technical experts from SO15 and MI5.

One hundred officers were deployed when Ullah was arrested in Cardiff in September last year.

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