Shawn johnson and chuck wicks dating

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That doesn’t include the 21 scored by Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani, who had to be judged on their rehearsal performance due to an injury suffered by Rycroft.

It was followed by "Old School", which made number 51 on the same chart before Wicks exited the label in January 2011.Eventually, Wicks caught the attention of RCA Records executives, who signed him to a recording contract in late 2007.While he was working on his debut album, Wicks was also picked as a cast member of the Fox network reality TV series Nashville.Being a fan himself, Wicks was very excited and said that it was a big deal to him that Aldean cut one of his songs to include on his highly anticipated 5th record, which was released on October 6, the same year.Wicks self-released an extended play titled Rough in April 2013.He co-wrote its first single, "Salt Life", with Vicky Mc Gehee and Mike Mobley, and co-produced the extended play with Ilya Toshinsky.

In December 2013, Wicks confirmed that he had signed with Blaster Records.Their first performance took place on March 9, 2009, and he was eliminated from the show on April 28.They announced a mutual break-up on November 10, 2009.A third single, "Man of the House", followed in January 2009, entering Top 40 in February, and peaked at 27.On November 10, 2009, Wicks announced that he has started to work on his second album.Taylor, who led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl titles, has also written two books and appeared in several movies.