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You can see by the fine work that they are old originals rather than new copies, now popular as well.There are two pairs of antique silver earrings here from the Golden Triangle area.

to ask questions or place an order please email me at: [email protected] There are some lovely antique enamelled hairpins illustrated here.

You can see earrings along this line on page 283 of "A World of Earrings".

They match up very nicely though so were most likely made from the same manufacturer.

These antique silver earrings came from the area known as the "Golden Triangle".

The earrings are similar but slightly mis-matched as one has a domed piece soldered in the front.

In the center is an eye shaped pearl piece and to the sides leaves cut from stone.

The largest bead is slightly over an inch in diameter.

There is a variety of beads on necklace #1 in glass and crystal.

There are two damaged beads - I will add an illustration of them when I have the chance.

Somehow this has a contemporary quality to it as well.

Any time I try one on, fastening it at my waist, I wish that such romantic items were a part of our culture as well.

This needle case is interesting though, as it is made from two - top half from one case and bottom half from another.