Song seung hun and choi ji woo dating

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Song seung hun and choi ji woo dating

Hyun-Jae accidentally slides down the stairs of a building where his management office is located and his momentum takes him all the way out of the building. The car is driven by Ji-Hoon, Woo-Seung and MC Drill (Dong Hyun-Bae). I really enjoy this drama, every episode was amazing. This drama is one of the best drama i have seen so far. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I enjoyed this kdrama a lot, a slice of life indeed! Now spreakin of the father-son triangle, peopl who says its unrealistic knows nothin like Jon Snow..

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in my opinion , this drama is way more better than any drama this year .I looked forward to this show every Friday and Saturday afternoon. It has great casts, awesome OST, good enjoyable story lines and many funny scenes. I mean this drama probably the best slice of life drama ever created. try to think bout it, everytime i watch this every episode, i find this drama is so calm and fresh with no too-complicated troubles everytime, Thumbs up, THE BEST HIT!! There is nothing deep or special at all about this drama and it has no redeeming features. I dont see any over acted scenario on this drama... Hyun Jae knows he's Ji Hoon's father and that his SON likes that ugly obnoxious girl, but decides to arrogantly and selfishly chase after it?! So the son who always felt abandoned and incompetent, had to find out that he's competing with his own father not only with success and talent, but with his love life as well?! They could have at least got a gorgeous actress for the part if they were going to make poor Yoon Si Yoon kiss that NASTY mouth a dozen times! I think the hideous part timer matches best with MJ although he's way out of her league looks wise, I like their chemistry best.I hit refresh to see when the show would be ready to watch. Love triangle between father and son and the father is getting the girl. In-fact I would also go ahead and say it follows k-drama logic. I think Hyun Jae is meant to die young, when he dies in the past, he'll disappear in the present. Because there's not enough episodes left for him to go back to his time to alter the future.To be honest, I didn't know I'd get hooked with this drama coz the plot is kind of absurd and till now I haven't gotten a clue as to why Hyunjae suddenly traveled all the way to 2017.Whenever I watch time-travel dramas, I tend to be critical, always asking and requiring the dramas to answer the whys.From MJ, to Drill, to Do Hye Ri who looked like Taeyeon, to Haraboji Soondae, to malsook, to Youngjae, to Jihoon, to Bo hee, to choi woo seung, to kwang jae and finally, hyunjae.

I'm not particular with the loveline but if hyunjae doesn't end up with choi woo seung, I hope Jihoon won't end up with her as well.But for me the drama have a good plot, it's unique. I really really like really appreciate I love the drama. Hyun-Jae and Woo-Seung was such a fun pair to watch and I actually rooted for them for them. By the end I just thought I'd like to see an entire season lead by Ji-Hoon, MC Drill, MJ, and Do Hye-Ri since their scenes never bore me, especially with MC Drill. If you don't listen or read the story well of course you wouldn't understand how good and well done this drama made. It's not masterpiece, not so well plotted all along the drama, in my opinion, but it just go with the flow of life. So if consider it as Slice of life drama, it's pretty good and very enjoyable. There were some moments that made me shed a tear and some that were so weird, but I loved this drama and thought the cast was perfect. but now this drama has end there goes my Sat & Sun.... I don't really care about that anymore, since the other things are more important than that.All I can say this drama is so heart warming and the Best! Some holes are still there without being filled at the end but that's how life is, nothing is certain. This drama is not flawless, but sure it's a good one.I also love Mal seok character, she is so cute :* Really good drama. A very big thumbs up for all the casts and production team. Now i am addicted to him and have watched all of his old dramas too. Yoon Si Yoon is a great actor and others actors are also great. I hope Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Si Yoon and Yoo Ho Jin will worj together again. I'm curious beacuse Hyun Jae disappeared in 1993 and he appeared in the time of 2017 but when he travel back and appeared in year 1994 there is a second Hyun Jae? But it can't be help, I love Produce101 too XD (they did bring down Pd101's rating for 1% in their 1st ep though) Still, it has the highest rating among all the dramas airing at the same time for almost every eps (woman of dignity pass through them later but that one was really extremely good, enough to get award so it deserves) but as Ra PD said in the prologue episode, they didn't care about rating, they just hope they can finish the drama without a problem : D and I really enjoy it. I've never gave a review on dramas before but really this drama is really good ?? Well, all in all, the kdrama was really good and enjoyable, I had a good laugh, jinjja!!! So if you watch it without thinking much, just enjoy the slice of life that the drama present and the funny scenes, you'll enjoy it. It happens more often than you can think of so move on and accept the fact that we're livin' in the 21st century where everything is possible.. im gonna miss this show Sayounara The finale will be aired tonight but I've been feeling empty since last week.I really love it..are all good actors and actress and all song in the drama is all my favorite now i hope that the actors and actress in this drama will create a drama again soon.? The chemistry of all the main casts are amazing and don't ask about the story... Especially my second favorite would be kim taku baking king. I just knew this drama and finished by several days. But I think, it is not quite dramatic so the emotional feeling wasn't there. Especially when the scenes between Lee Deok Hwa with Mal Sook's boyfriend. Produce anothers drama I love this drama, I don't know if in Korea this drama get NR. I just finished the drama and I'd say ignoring the growing love lines once you get deeper into the story, it's quite interesting, fub, and light hearted. Everytime I watch every episode wide smile appears actors and actresses are great specially shi yoon and se young their chemistry is amazing to the point you want them two to be in a real relationship. But if you're expecting something more than - no it's not? I'm always excited when comes to weekend coz another new ep of TBH/ HTT ... T_T I've passed the phase of getting frustrated at the love triangle.They said a lot of things which I can take with me as a person. The cast is honestly so perfect and loved every single one of them. :) not many dramas make me cry, but this drama makes me laughed and cried so much especially when grandpa soodae lost his way back home made me cry so much. Thank you production team for producing this great drama, i really enjoyed it a lot. :) This is my first time writing about a review on this Asian Wiki. The number seems low because its airtime is late Friday night which is new. and It airs on the same time as Produce101 and Show me the money4 after Produce101 ended. It even beat tvn which usually have highest rating on this time slot. It's extraordinary XD One thing I don't like is the love triangle at the middle of the series D: But if you skip those parts, you can still enjoy the show. Who thought it was a great idea to make a love triangle between a parent and child?