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Sonic giant dating flash - speed hate dating

Before Flash could surprise Peter, he was abducted by Doctor Doom, who mistakenly believed he was the real Spider-Man. Flash dressed up as Spider-Man again to redeem his hero who was seen as a coward after having run from a confrontation with the Green Goblin.

Flash's sacrifice is enough to earn him a recommendation for the Medal of Honor.Flash became loyal to Norman for giving him a second chance and turning his life around.Later, as part of a plan of driving Spider-Man to murderous violence by attacking his family and friends, Osborn kidnapped Flash (under the pretense of picking him up from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting), force-fed him whiskey and had him crash a truck into Midtown High School, where Peter worked.Flash was bonded with the symbiote, recently acquired by the U. government after Mac Gargan's arrest after the Siege of Asgard.While bonded, Flash was able to reproduce his legs and had powers comparable to Spider-Man.Sha Shan ultimately turned on Korba, and the Man-Beast was thwarted through the combined efforts of Spider-Man, Razorback and Flash.

Korba having died in the battle, Sha Shan became Flash's lover and lived with him for some time. After a failed marriage with Sha-Shan, Flash briefly dated Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, not knowing that she was dating him in order to make Spider-Man (who at the time was married with Mary Jane Watson) jealous but when she started to show real feelings to him, he broke off the relationship once he found out about Felicia's life as the Black Cat.

Formerly Guardians of the Galaxy, Mania, Agents of the Cosmos, 803, Avengers (honorary), temporary partner of Toxin, Jack O' Lantern, and Red Hulk, Thunderbolts (Red Hulk), Secret Avengers, Project: Rebirth 2.0, Midtown High School, U. army, ally of the Mercury Team Coaching the life and death struggle in terms straight out of the glory day playbook... Flash was Midtown High's star quarterback, where his speed on the football field earned him the lifelong nickname "Flash".

Flash's wide circle of friends included Brian "Tiny" Mc Keever, Jason Ionello, Seymour O'Reilly, Charlie and numerous female admirers such as Sally Avril and Liz Allan, who was Flash's steady girlfriend for some time.

This gained him popularity and respect, but he still remained jealous of Peter's book smarts.

Flash once tried to play a trick on Peter by dressing in a Spider-Man costume and attempting to frighten him.

Peter, blaming himself for what happened to Flash, made a point of visiting his friend as often as he could. When he came out he had forgotten much of what had happened between him and Peter after high school.

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