Spider man dating a dwarf

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Shortness (and deafness, which The Dish is also exploring at the moment) sits right in the blurry space among disability, disease, and normal. ” Why is 5’2″ too short for a man, but not a woman? Human height does fall along a bell curve, but it varies around the world and throughout history.Yet, at some point, being short goes from a relative and descriptive term (e.g.

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The second is that a person’s physical attributes allow them to care for themselves, but make it difficult to exist in a society set up for people abled in a different way.

If you do “treat” a child’s shortness, does that mean it’s a disease?

Crack open any text on bioethics and I can almost guarantee that the “is shortness a disability” example will be somewhere among the pages.

Social or civilizational disabilities are the result of cultural demands not necessarily health related.

Shortness (and deafness) move between those last two definitions if they are considered a disability at all.

I am Yao Ming) to a normative one implying a disability.

We might think something is a disability for a few possible reasons.Taller folks are often crammed into cars and plane seats designed for a general population that needs less space.Additionally, excessive growth often has associated medical issues.Human growth hormone (HGH) is one among the many hormones your body naturally produces.HGH influences growth in that it helps encourage cell reproduction and regeneration.Because most people are enabled in one way, those enabled in another become disabled due to the way things are built and designed.