Stop ubuntu updating thunderbird

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People in this thread say stuff like "I prefer the normal one better".

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Click "Next" and Thunderbird should start importing all your calendar events.Because of this, I ended up deleting my previous profile. I start Thunderbird, maximize it on the right monitor (that with the higher resolution), close Thunderbird.When I open Thunderbird again, it opens in fullscreen on the left monitor and gets stucked in this setup. You can restore the windows border with these steps: # Close Thunderbird # Edit the file ~/.mozilla-I can confirm this is still a problem in the most recent Ubuntu version.The changelogs have the details but the changes often appear to be quite small things so that the versions differ very little.I suspect that people are just suffering from a "bigger number is better" kind of attitude. Obviously the answer to the ARM version is tha since you cannot find a armv6 ubuntu repo at all (so no firefox), it will not be possible. except that there are a whole lot of news/tutorial sites posting about how it works on linux. -for-linux My only "PC" is an Asus Chrome Bit running Chrome OS, cloudcentric at its best !There are apparently added vulnerabilities for some (windows?

) users, none yet reported here for the current ESR version, as of now 45.2 https:// ...

Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288C ARM32 So C as used in ASUS Chromebook C201 & Chromebook Flip C100PA as well as the Tinker SBC. my questions was however, that does this only apply to 64 bit x86 machines or does the widewinde CDM plugin really also work on arm and Raspbery pi.

Change it to: sizemode="normal" ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Binary package hint: thunderbird I've tried clicking F11 in various of places and even all the rest of F-buttons, with Alt/Shift/Ctrl, and still no result. *Please back up all of your email messages before doing this! You can do this easily utilizin Compiz Fusion Icon. Moving the file worked for me, but it may be possible to excise the offending XML directly. this sounds like it was caused by a upgrade example gutsy to hardy upgrade since you run tbird after moving the and once renamed starting tbird again will generate that file again, Ive seen this type of issue alot and thats why im thinking its a corrupt profile due to upgrade ubuntu versions.

3 Mobile Huawei E5330 Mobile Mi-Fi That's Firefox ESR.

It's pretty much the same as Iceweasel except has Firefox branding.

I've scrolled throughout the whole advanced configuration and there was nothing about full-screen mode. You can do this with: thunderbird -Profile Manager Thanks I'm sure I clicked all the F-buttons from left to right (and I even remember that I clicked Alt F4 by mistake : P) and it didn't work :/ After this post, although, I switched to Win there I restored app and switched back to Linux. Next few days past it came back in full screen and I don't know how. I will tray to produce such situation one more time (I think it has some connection with maximizing app window in Win) and post a bug on Thunderbird forum because it isn't an Ubuntu bug. The state of window is somehow stored in profiles files and that's why in other profiles window looks right and in that specific one it is a full screen. I'm not responsible for any mail lost during this procedure. For everyone that saw this bug can you please confirm the process that Matt did fixes this.

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