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A non-matriculated student is a student who is not currently enrolled in a degree program.

While we try not to make any drastic changes, the policies and procedures for each ceremony are reviewed and updated as needed.

Course instructor forwards the approval of the course withdrawal to [email protected] processing using their own Cardinal Cloud Email account (login required).

An email notification is generated automatically and forwarded to the student's instructor(s) and academic advisors(s) once the course withdrawal is notated on the student's academic record (A W grade will appear on the academic transcript).

The course withdrawal fee as described above is assessed along with any tuition and fee liability. Students are responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office to determine the consequences of course withdrawal.

Student Accounts will provide online bills for students who have registered for classes.

The student must submit the email request for course withdrawal using their own Plattsburgh Web mail account.

The effective date of the course withdrawal is based on the date of the student's initial email to the instructor requesting a course withdrawal.The Registrar's Office will forward an e-mail to you after your application is processed.The email will provide your assigned date and time to access Banner Web to complete the registration process.For all other part-of-term courses, courses that are less than full semester, unrestricted withdrawal will be the midpoint (50%) of the course. Download Course Schedule Adjustment Form (PDF file size 209KB) When a student withdraws from a class, the course length and effective date of withdrawal determine whether or not the student receives any refund of tuition, mandatory fees, or optional fees. For full-semester courses, commencing on the eighth calendar day of the semester (fall and spring) and ending at midnight on the Friday of the tenth week (fall and spring), a student who submits a completed Course Schedule Adjustment Form may withdraw from any class, after consultation with the course instructor and advisor. A course withdrawal fee applies along with any tuition and fee liability. In the case of courses that are less than full semester, the student may withdraw from a course through the course schedule adjustment process until the midpoint (50%) in the course.Course withdrawal may affect the student's financial aid eligibility or grace period repayment, medical insurance coverage, athletic eligibility, and timely completion of degree requirements.Drops and withdrawals can also impact financial aid.