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On the top of this monolith is a monastery, which was built during the 1990s. Anyone familiar with Greek legends has heard of the Colchis Kingdom.It was to here that the band of heroes known as the Argonauts ventured in order to obtain the Golden Fleece, a symbol of authority...

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Another thing that Tamar did during her early reign was to get married.

This is perhaps the conventional view, and an alternate version of events has been suggested elsewhere.

According to this second version, the nobles were far from being content with Tamar’s ascension to the Georgian throne, and rebelled against her rule.

Once Tamar secured her power (whether by crushing a rebellion or by obtaining the approval of the nobles from the start), she could focus on running the kingdom.

One of the first things she did during the beginning of her reign was to convene a Church Council.

On the one hand, this has been taken as a sign of Tamar’s piety and respect for the Church.

On the other hand, as the Church was another powerful institution in the kingdom, Tamar had to ensure obedience.A team of archaeologists has announced the discovery of over a thousand stone artifacts, with some of them being up to 1.76 million years old.The discovery took place at Wadi Dabsa, in southwest Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea.Depending on how one prefers to portray the queen, one of two versions of events may be chosen.On the one hand, George’s decision to allow Tamar to rule by his side bore fruit, and the nobles accepted Tamar as their new ruler, thus allowing a smooth transition of power.Einhornhöhle, which may be translated as ‘Unicorn Cave’ in English, is a cave located in the Harz, a low mountain range in a highland area Northern Germany.

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    Unit Tōgō was implemented in the Zhongma Fortress, a prison/experimentation camp in Beiyinhe, a village 100 km (62 mi) south of Harbin on the South Manchuria Railway.

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    Il sud-est asiatico può essere diviso in due ulteriori regioni: l'Indocina (Birmania, Cambogia, Laos, Thailandia, Vietnam) e l'Insulindia (Brunei, Timor Est, Indonesia, Filippine, Malesia, Singapore) L'Asia sudorientale si estende tra India e Cina, tra l'oceano Indiano e quello Pacifico.