Updating my hair style

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Updating my hair style - Sex chat with straight guys

Place the headband right at your hairline and be sure to calm your hair of fly-aways and static for a sleek look.You might not believe it, but changing your hair part alone can make it appear like you got a new cut.

Yes, getting a dramatic cut may be fun, but we always find that it’s good to start small and work our way up.

You have the luxury of long hair, with the lightness and ease that makes doing short hair every morning so fun.

We will admit, however, that with a bob it’s also easy to just wash and wear and call it a day—which is the perfect recipe for a style rut disaster.

I have been a lazy natural for two months now and my hair has suffered. Since I have not trimmed my ends have thinned and caused so much breakage. This is despite me keeping to my regimen and constantly moisturizing these babies. That word is the reason we are so tired after handling our hair.

I know my hair looks like it has been shampooed with herbs from the Amazon forest, deep conditioned with ostrich eggs, and moisturized with oils made by women from koi and Khoisan village haha.

Seriously I panga (plan) a wash day I should say was evening coz I decide to do it on Saturday after work.

I get home around pm but I am so tired to do anything. I wake up at around 6 but since I’m sleepy I snooze my Jealous by Labrinth which is my alarm ringtone. I have been addicted to the fro and I can say I have misused it and caused harm to my hair. If you already have a blunt bob, try giving your look even more of a mod vibe and cut bangs of a medium-thickness that fall right below your eyebrows. Fake fringe without actually cutting them by parting your hair on the side and pulling the hair over your forehead and then pinning it back with a bobby pink or a dressy barrette.While they may need some management, the length provides you with the option of pulling them back or growing them out with ease. The pins will also double up as a cute hair accessory.The latest celeb to undergo the chop, Myleene recently showed off her sleek new bob on Instagram.This slanted, asymmetrical style gives the illusion of length, so if you’re nervous about embracing a shorter style, this length is a great starting point. Most of us new bloggers have excuses oh my job, oh life but really there is no excuse that can make sense when consistency is what is needed to make it here. I recently changed work stations and I have to admit it has been a breath of fresh air.

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