Updating with rpm

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Updating with rpm - updating certificates

This example shows this method when looking for packages beginning with 'compat'.Often, required packages are available on the media that was used to install Linux.

Those are the five basic operations that can be performed; the user's package can also be built with The quick installation guide contains a long list of software requirementsthat must be met before Oracle is installed.

When a package is found, the version must be confirmed.

Typically, a higher version than required is acceptable but if a lower version is found, then pursue a newer version of that package.

The RPM Package Manager maintains an inventory of software it has installed on the system.

The inventory does not include software installed by other means.

Linux provides several ways to manage your software, from the fairly automatic RPM Package Manager to the more manual process of compiling software from source code.

Which method you use typically depends on how the software you need to install is distributed.

The requirements vary by Linux distro and version so be sure to look at the right list in the documentation.

Check for packagesusing the RPM package manager command rpm.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify the correct name to query for using rpm.

An alternate way to check for installed software is to add 'a' to the options to list all installed packages, then use the beginning of the package name with the * wildcard to display entries beginning with a certain string.

The main command for the RPM Package Manager is rpm.