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Each of the four numbers has a valid range of 0 to 255.The following bash script contains a bash function which returns true if it is passed a valid IP address and false otherwise.

To belabor the obvious: IP addresses are 32 bit values written as four numbers (the individual bytes of the IP address) separated by dots (periods).

Putting the value of the subject IP address inside parenthesis and assigning it to itself thereby turns it into an array where each dot separated number is assigned to an array slot.

Note that there's no need to test that the numbers are greater than or equal to zero because the regular expression test has already eliminated any thing that doesn't consist of only dots and digits.

The member ‘rc’ (or return code) is used to communicate back if the validation was successful or not.

In the latter case, we set rc to false, and also display an error message.

Visual studio have build in support for this ( and you may also achieve it via coding ) .

Here's what you need to do :- Switch to design view from markup view . From the toolbox that opens click on Validation and drag a compare validator near your textbox.In bash speak true means it exits with a zero status, anything else is false.The status of a command/function is stored in the bash variable "$? variable so that rather than parsing words as whitespace separated items, bash parses them as dot separated.Right click on the compare validator and choose properties , now locate Error Message and write "Alert : Type only Number" . In the Operator choose Data Type Check and in the Type choose Integer. One of the questions I get asked again and again is how to validate a field value in an Acro Form with a custom validation script.After the “Edit” button is clicked, a new window will open that allows us to edit the new script: This script also includes a check for an empty string, so that the user can wipe out a wrong string and start from scratch.