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Around 1983 (says Satoh), Japanese hard-rock bands from big cities began to incorporate the then-new forms of new-wave, gothic, L. It was a classic case of “combining different old things in a new way”.

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They need press, and we own a cable TV show or radio the most famous example of the importance of connections: if you have Johnny’s boy-bands on your TV show, you can’t have any other boy bands.If you have a non-Johnny’s band on your show, Johnny’s boycotts your show forever (and not just your show, but whatever other media organs your parent company has).Better yet, we've developed a monopoly relationship with a large publishing company (see Tip #1!) so that all our various bands appear exclusively in their various magazines.Despite the highly feminine appearance of many VK musicians, the majority of band members, as with other rock genres, are male.

Visual Kei is often broken down into subgenres, the most common being: There are always exceptions to this though.

Many bands straddle genres and some don't really fit into any at all.

Other bands start off visual and then leave the subgenre.

Visual didn’t catch on overseas until 2000’s, after it was already pretty much over in Japan."Fan-service" is common (band members kissing each other or touching each other) = this comes from shojo manga.

The feeling of not being physically threatened by these 'sexual-but-not-for-me' characters (men dressing in a feminine way) attracts young teenage girls.

And it’s the connections that make it a ‘mob.’ operation.

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