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During the day difficulties can occur in roadwork areas.Due to winter driving conditions there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles with trailers and all other vehicles have to use the winter equipment on the following roads of Gorski kotar mountain area and the northern coastal area: Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed to road conditions and to keep the safety distance between the vehicles.

Dense traffic is also expected at the border crossings with Slovenia (Kaštel, Plovanija, Pasjak and Rupa), with Bosnia and Herzegovina (Stara Gradiška, Slavonski Brod, Metković) and Serbia (Bajakovo).

The headlights have to be on during the day as well.

Please, do not start the journey without the winter equipment!

The high-rise building that is Palace Albanija, the old Hotel Moskva buildings, Paris and Kasina, numerous restaurants, cafes and shops, all make a beautiful frame to the “Four Lions” Fountain (1860), which stands in the middle of the square and represents one of its major tourist attractions.

Most roads are wet and slippery due to rain, especially bridges and viaducts in the interior.

The “Dzīvnieku pansija Ulubele” (Ulubele Animal Sanctuary) non-commercial society has been established in 2005 and has since become one of the biggest and most well-known shelters in Latvia.

It has pledged to protect the rights of animals and help those pets that have not yet found a new home, with the shelter’s workers and volunteers doing their best to do it as fast as possible.

Today, Terazije square serves as a business quarter with numerous offices and banks.

At the same time, the history reflected in the old buildings around the square, cannot just be erased from the face of Belgrade.

Roadworks on the motorways - one lane is free only:- on the sections Divača-Buzet and Divača-Sežana (it goes for the trains 7705 (Divača 9.55am – Buzet 10.40am), 7704 (Buzet 11.21am – Divača 12.05pm), 7707 (Sežana 3.58pm – Buzet 4.55pm) and 7706 (Buzet 5.02pm – Divača 8.45pm)). There is a traffic ban on freight vehicles heavier than 7,5 t on most Croatian state roads, except on the DC1 Karlovac-Knin-Sinj:on Friday, 29 December - 3pm-11pm on Sunday, 31 December - 3pm-11pm on Monday, 1 January - 2pm-11pm;on Friday, 5 January - 3pm-11pm on Saturday, 6 January - 2pm-11pm on Sunday, 7 January - noon-11pm.

See also Traffic flow and road conditions as well as Roadworks!

Among the most popular events was the Summer Big Work (“Vasaras lielais darbs”) that took place in the shelter in July 2016 and has gathered more than a thousand volunteers – a record which is yet to be beaten by other Latvian shelters.

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