Who is antonio de la rua dating now

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Who is antonio de la rua dating now

According to the filing, de la Rua estimates that the value of Shakira’s 2008 10-year deal with Live Nation alone is worth $300 million.PHOTOS: ' The Voice': Meet the Season 4 Coaches In the suit, filed April 12 in California Superior Court, de la Rua claims that the global success of Shakira, whose real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, “was not simply luck” but rather “the result of a hard-fought battle to conquer the music world that Mebarak and de la Rua fought together as business partners.” Read the filing in its entirety here.

'cause the pop star says she found an old cyber-exchange that proves her ex-BF is lying through his Argentinian teeth in his 0 million lawsuit. However, our calls were not returned up to press time.Mr Wilson is an associate at Mc Kinney, Bancroft & Hughes."Antonio continues to oversee and conduct my business and career interests as he has always done," she says of de la Rúa, the son of a former president of Argentina."We move forward as partners, developing projects together, working hand in hand and in close communication.The behind-the-scenes drama of Shakira’s personal life and finances are coming to light via a lawsuit filed by Antonio de la Rua.

The Argentinian businessman, who met the Colombian singer in 2000 while serving as campaign manager for his father’s bid to become president of Argentina and began dating her soon after, alleges that their severed business partnership entitles him to 0 million.

Throughout this time we have continued to work together hand in hand, have remained close and have kept the details absolutely private, until now," she says.

The 33-year-old Colombian singer adds that the pair views the separation as a time of individual growth, and that they will remain in each other's lives professionally.

"In a fifteen page well-reasoned opinion the Swiss court dismissed all of Mr.

de la Rúa's claims that he was entitled to any participation in Shakira's past, current or future business, brand or assets, including future income," Ezequiel Camerini (Shakira's attorney) told Shakira has since moved on and is now dating Spanish soccer player Gerar Pique. Shakira is also now known for her role as a coach and judge on NBC's hit reality show "The Voice." Shakira joined the cast along with fellow newcomer Usher last season as the show continued to be a ratings success.

That was one of three lawsuits that the Argentinian brought against Shakira, all of which have now been dismissed.