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We expect that our leaders will be on our side, will always do their best to fight the extremists, and – at the very least – will never support those who want to kill us. Both Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott were on television yesterday morning.

When his report was published at the end of 1942, it became the cornerstone of a welfare state that supported its citizens from cradle to grave, banishing the poverty and starvation of the Depression, and laying the foundations for the great post-war boom.Interviewed by Andrew Marr yesterday, she was asked whether she stood by her declaration in 1984 that Northern Ireland was ‘our struggle – every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us. But both are essentially smokescreens for the same thing: their frankly contemptible record of justifying terror, opposing attempts to strengthen our national security and glorying in defeats for Britain and the Western world.A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed’. Since there is often far too much overheated rhetoric in election campaigns, I am reluctant to go overboard.For years the welfare state was one of the glories of Britain’s democratic landscape, a monument to the generosity and decency of human nature, offering a hand up to those unlucky enough to be born at the bottom.According to a You Gov poll for Prospect magazine, a staggering 74 per cent of us think that the Government should slash benefits.Yet in 2011 we spent a whopping £110 billion a year, which works out at 7.2 per cent of GDP.

To the outside observer, the welfare state now seems a bewildering carousel of benefits and tax credits.Young and old, Labour and Tory, rich and poor: every single social group believes it is time to cut back.As the pollster Peter Kellner points out, such public unanimity is almost unprecedented.In previous times of austerity, public attitudes have always remained remarkably generous.Even in the straitened late Seventies, for example, seven out of ten people told pollsters they would like to see higher taxes to pay for higher social spending.In 2001 he blamed the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (which had, he said admiringly, taken ‘an enormous amount of skill’) on US support for Israel.

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